Chromium is essential for the normal development of the human body and animal organisms.

Benefits of Chromium:

• stabilizes blood sugar levels

• it lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood vessels

• controls the sense of appetite

• stimulates energy metabolism and fatty acid synthesis

• stimulates the transport of amino acids to cells

• stimulates insulin action using glucose and increases glucose tolerance

• chromium plays an important role in the metabolism of glucose, some proteins and fats

• it is composed of enzymes, e.g. trypsin, and stimulates the activity of others

• takes part in the metabolism of cholesterol

Increase the cholesterol in older people it is due to the decrease in the content of chromium in the tissues of the cardiovascular system; while the function of chromium in the transformation of glucose is closely related to the action of insulin, and excessive consumption of sugar accelerates its excretion from the body. Some illnesses, especially poor cardiovascular condition, affect the metabolism of chromium.

Symptoms of low level chromium in the body:

• headaches

• lack of nervous immunity

• lack of internal energy

• irritability

• nausea

• depressive mood; anxiety

• tendency to alcohol

• tendency to sugar / sweets

• fatigue

• anxiety

• glucose intolerance

• protein and lipid metabolism disorders

• weight loss