Vitamin C

Paradoxically Vitamin C still belongs to the most neglected substances when it comes to practical use/ applications in conventional medicine, despite the huge number of cured patients, and completed ongoing research.

Unlike most mammals, humans have lost their ability to produce their own vitamin C. 

Actions of Vitamin C:

• Anti-oxidant (neutralizing free radicals) 

• Reduce signs of aging!!!

• Vitamin C is the only anti-oxidant in the blood plasma that can offer complete protection for circulating blood fats from metabolic breakdown

• Mobilises and safely excrete toxic minerals (mercury, cadmium, aluminium, lead, nickel, arsenic…)= at least 2g of ascorbate/day only for this typical daily exposure of toxins ( depends on personal needs & also of the level of toxicity in the body)

• Magnesium; sulfur (food like onions, garlic, ginger, eggs & brassica sprouts; selenomethionine (the only form of selenium) & zinc works with ascorbate to excrete toxic minerals

• Vitamin C is a hydrogen (electron) donor (prevent damage, detoxicant)

• Anti-histamine action ( any bite, including venom )

• Enzyme co-factor ( collagen, neurotransmitters, hormones, carnitine)

• Diabetic control ( glucose handling improved with vitamin C; insulin sensitivity, production/ release); insulin injections lower Vitamin C

• 500 milligrams of vitamin C daily significantly reduced levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides

• A higher intake of vitamin C was associated with a lower risk of death from stroke or coronary heart disease

• Increase blood vessel health

• Promote collagen formation, necessary for the production of connective tissue and proper cell function. Defective collagen causes bruising, bleeding and failed wound-healing in scurvy ( severe vitamin C deficiency)

• Improve iron absorption / helps prevent anemia

• Enhance cancer treatment

• Plays a great role in immune function

• Also Children’s immune health gets tested year-round, so their immune cells need to have adequate supplies of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is needed for the growth and development of your child’s body and mind: neurotransmitters (brain & nervous system); collagen (blood vesselsmuscle, ligaments, cartilage, skin and other tissues); carnitine for energy production (as it transports fatty acids into the mitochondria to produce energy and carries out toxic wastes); children who may be exposed to second-hand smoke/smoking environment need even more vitamin C to help repair damage from smoke inhalation and exposure.

• Vitamin C serves to protect against the radiation damage of either accidental exposures or medical/ hospital exposures.

 Radiation: ”ionizing radiation” (free radicals include UV radiation- damaging the skin cells; oxidative stress; cellular damage, including X-rays, gamma rays and others) and ”nonionizing radiation” (radiation such as light, radar waves, radio/TV/ mobile waves)

• Decrease the risk of conditions like gout (a painful form of arthritis)

• Tremendous help in chronic inflammation caused by infection or a single infection related to the area (e.g. ear/throat/tooth infection etc.)

• Hepatitis ( vitamin C and E, B12 and alpha-lipoic acid works synergistic with NAC; omega 3/6/9)

• Ulcers & helicobacter pylori

• Antiviral properties of the HPV virus

• Broken bones/ contusions/ sprains/ligaments/tendons/ blood vessels (collagen synthesis)

• Vitamin C  infusion(*) can lessen and often completely block any of the acute toxic effects of mercury when amalgam fillings are removed.

• Healthy eye support 

• Helps promote healthy uric acid metabolism 


• Supports healthy hormone production

• Menopause (greatly reduce the symptoms)

• Great before/ during/ and after Pregnancy also for the baby

• Adequately dosed Vitamin C detoxifies alcohol, prevents future alcohol-induced damage, and repairs past alcohol-induced damaged

• Boosts the actions of other antioxidants

• Vitamin C is not a factor in the development of kidney stones in  healthy adults who avoid dehydration

Vitamin C Deficiency and other health conditions:

• Grey, dull skin vs glowing/ healthy skin

• Rough/ scaly skin 

• Acne/ any inflammation of the skin 

• Red/ dry spots on the skin

• Gingivitis ( inflammation of the gums)  

• Swollen/ bleeding gums  ( so important to take Vitamin C before and after visiting / treatment at the dentist)

• Helps with hyper-pigmentation by suppressing melanin production to prevent dark spots and patches

• Muscles pain

• Fibromyalgia

• Swollen and painful joints

• Fatigue

• Very weak immune system

• Leaky gut and other digestive disorders

• Splitting, weak hair

• Weight gain due to slow metabolism

• Constant infections

• Fatigue

• Migraine

• Teeth and gum disease 

• Fibromyalgia

• Gout

• Heavy metals/toxins in the body

• Depression/ anxiety

 • Candida

• Easy bruising/nosebleeds

• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

• Thyroid problems

• Adrenal glands

• Multiple sclerosis

• Herpes (all)/ shingles

• Osteoporosis

• Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

• Psoriasis

• Staphylococcus aureus (usually present in hospitals)

• Edema

• Crohn’s Disease

• Smokers

• And so much more condition….

Vitamin C benefits many aspects of health, from the inside out.

Try it yourself.

I can guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

Deficiency of Vitamin C and related health problems/ feeling unwell in the long term might lead to:

• Stroke

• High blood pressure

• Gallbladder issues

• Chronic pain 

• Cancer 

Vitamin C bowel tolerance ”flushing effect” ( can vary widely from person to person):

There is no magic dosage for any supplements. Higher doses of Vitamin C might be indicated for a medical condition versus a much lower maintenance dose to support and maintain your good health.

A challenge with taking an oral vitamin C supplement is that your body typically absorbs only a small percentage of the nutrient. This recipe is to achieve the maximum intake of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) without side effects like diarrhea. Diarrhea will only happen when your body can’t absorb any more vitamin C. Remember, that Vitamin-C-induced diarrhea is not so bad, cleans out the bowels and detoxifies the gut. We should keep the dosage level of Vitamin C at the ”bowel tolerance” if we can. Simple as that. 

Dissolve 2 g (1/2 teaspoon) of Vitamin C powder in 1/2 – 1 glass of water or fresh apple juice. Drink the liquid. Consume mixture ( in many doses as your body absorbs/needs) throughout the day, to achieve a consistent level of Vitamin C in your bloodstream.

To check the body absorption/ needs: Drink the mixture every 30 min until watery bowel motion occurs (as if you had taken an enema). 

If watery bowel motions have not occurred after a full day of drinking the liquid, begin again in the morning. This time increase the dosage from 2 g to 4 g in 60 ml (1/4 glass) of water or apple juice every 15 min. When the watery bowel motion occurs, stop consuming the liquid for that day.

Now you can calculate the total ascorbate consumed during the day.

For example: 2 g x 12 doses= 24 g  or  4 g x 12 doses=48 g  and so on …….

Whatever the total dose, your approximate daily need (bowel tolerance) is around ¾ of this level. Please consume this as liquid in as many doses during the day as possible. This way you might be able to achieve a consistent level of vitamin C in your bloodstream.   

Dosage of Vitamin C according to Dr. Frederic Robert Klenner:

350mg of VITAMIN C per kilogram of body weight per day (350mg/kg/day)

1200 mg =1,2 g           3-4 kg ( body weight)                9 portions         130-135 mg per portion (0.13 – 0,13.5 g)

2300 mg = 2,3 g          6.5 kg ( body weight)                 9 portions               250 mg per portion (0,25 g)

4500 mg = 4,5 g     12 -13 kg  ( body weight)                9 portions               500 mg per portion (0,5 g)

9000 mg = 9 g        25 -26 kg ( body weight)               18 portions               500 mg per portion (0,5 g)

18000 mg = 18 g          50 kg  ( body weight)               18 portions            1000 mg per portion (1g)

35000 mg = 35 g        100 kg ( body weight)           17-18 portions           2000 mg per portion (2 g) 


It is important to understand, that we all react differently to anything we consume. Vitamin C in powder form is the safest Vitamin you can think of. Nevertheless, you should always observe your body and monitor how your health condition changes.   

Some other dosages of Vitamin C ( by Dr. Czerniak):

HEALTHY PERSON:            4g-15g / day (4 – 6 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

COLD:                                   30g- 60g/ day ( 6-10 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

BAD COLD:                              60g -100g/ day (8- 15 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

FLU:                                   100g- 150g/ day ( 8- 20 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

MONONUCLEOSIS:             150g-200g / day ( 12-25 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

VIRAL PNEUMONIA:            100g- 200g / day ( 12-25 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

ASTHMA or HAYFEVER:     15g-50g / day ( 4-8 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

ALLERGY                            0,5g-50g / day ( 4-8 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

BURNS:                                 25g-150g / day (6-20 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

OPERATION:                         25g-150g / day (6-20 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

WOUND:                                25g-150g / day (6-20 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

BACTERIAL INFECTION:     30g-200g / day ( 10-25 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

CANDIDIASIS:                      15g-200g /day ( 6-25 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

HEPATITIS:                           30g-100g / day (6-15 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)

TUMOR:                             15g-100g / day (4-15 dosages divided throughout the 24hr)